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Balloon Accessories





We carry an extensive range of balloon accessories to compliment your balloon purchase such as electric balloon pumps, balloon stands, balloon sticks, balloon ribbon, balloon weights, helium ,helium regulators , hand pumps & release nets.


LED Lights In 3M and 5M

AA batteries not included.

Balloon Flight Extender

Once the balloon has been treated with this magic gel, it gives you exponentially longer float times.

Balloon Arch Kits

Feel like doing some DIY decor, then this is the product for you. This arch frame comes with conduit, joiners & 2 water bases allowing you to build your own amazing balloon arch. When purchasing this from us, ask us for some inflation tips to help you along with your project.

Balloon Weights

We offer a wide colour range of foil covered balloon weights for helium inflated bunches of balloons. These 200 gram weights are perfect for up to 10 x 12" helium inflated balloons.

Balloon Stands

This item is designed to store 40 balloons once placed on a balloon stick, ready to be handed out your clients. - Get your brand out there!! This kit form product is easy to transport and child's play to assemble.

Electric Air Inflator

This electric pump is perfect for inflating a large number of balloons with air. Goes hand in hand with our balloon stands and balloon sticks. This pump operates off a standard 220v power supply .

Hand Pumps

Ideal for inflation of small amounts of air filled balloons.

Helium Regulators

We offer 2 different designs of helium regulators. Our standard model is a regulator only whereas our deluxe model comes with a built in pressure gauge allowing you to see exactly how much gas is left in your cylinder.

Balloon Ribbon

We stock a wide colour range of 5mm x 500m poly ribbon for helium inflated balloons.

Balloon Sticks

At a fraction of the cost of helium, this product is ideal for handing out balloons (see electric inflators & balloon trees) and getting your brand out into the market place. You don't even need to tie a knot in the balloon, our clever design seals the balloon for you.