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Balloon Shapes & Sizes



We offer a wide array of latex balloons in various shaped and sizes as well as PU/TPU advertising blimps & inflatables.

Balloon shapes – Apart from our extensive range of standard round balloons we also carry heart -shaped balloons for that special event. Check out our Giant hearts below.

Balloon Sizes – Any size balloon you want, we have it!! Starting at 5" cocktail balloons, right through 9",11",12",14",16",18", 50cm, our Giant 1,Giant 2, Giant 3 & Giant 4 balloons we have them all. 

Foil Balloons – Plain and branded 18 inch round foils as well as plain 1m letter/number foils are available on request.


Clear Bubble balloons

Available in 24 and 36 inch. Only sold in packs of 10. Confetti and other decorative items not included.

Giant Balloons

Standard Helium Qulity Balloons 9 inch to 18 inch

24 Inch and 16 Inch Heart Shaped Balloons

Number And Letter Foil Balloons