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Stress Balls & Shakers


Now Also Introducing The "Driptwista"




This is a totally unique and new promotional product on the market, say good bye to coasters. The Driptwista is the ultimate condensation catcher and is available in 3 different sizes designed to fit any glass or bottle. This branded, absorbent foam catcher, wraps around your glass and soaks up any condensation that would ordinarily run all over your table or drip on your clothes

Balloon Shakers

Now these will grab your attention!!! A sturdy handle with a seed filled balloon attached...... inflate the balloon through the handle and shake away!!!! Up to 4 colour branding on the balloon possible.

Stress Balls

A great promotional give-away, we can brand up to 4 colours and being a Latex stress ball the print will not rub off. See our wholesale balloon page to see what colours you can choose from.